Hyuna: In particular, one dangerous scene that still remains vividly in my mind is the scene where several cars race on the dusty ground, fiercely in circles around us. It was very scary. Compared to seeing it through a screen, when I was actually there, the cars were so close to us. Because I was so scared, Hyunseung oppa kept saying “It’s alright” to me while patting my back. Even though he usually jokes around a lot, he actually seemed like an oppa I could lean on then.

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5 favorite male groups: shinee


if you think i was joking when i said i hate the new ‘cat’ addition on skype, this is what i just sent to their customer service:


I don’t know if you’ve got more messages about it or not, but to be honest -everyone- I know hates what happened to ‘:3’ with the latest update. The new cat emoticon makes no sense at all and is an annoying addition that only results in frustration and people having to change their :3-writing habits. Because let’s be real, no one who writes ‘:3’ is thinking about cats, no, it’s just a cute face, that stopped being cute with the latest update. You’re basically stopping everyone from being cute.

Yours truly,
A frequent Skype user.

and tbh i’d encourage you to do the same, because srsly that emoticon has to go. maybe they’d get rid of it with more complaints idek. /is hopeful.

(ノ>▽< )ノ ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

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