Piu. 22. extremely multifandom. i live vicariously through my tags. SHINee, merlin, tolkien. lots of pretty korean idols. lots of marriage proposals to gifsets of food. i insult people i like. ••

{20 Day SHINee Challenge} DAY 11: Favorite outfit - ORI SUTA JUNE 24TH ISSUE

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I will see you again.


a cool website you should all check out, its a lot better than google translate for helping learn to pronounce things 

there arent options for any asian languages yet, but they do have several english dialects, romanian, welsh, turkish, icelandic, and even canadian french


if ur screwing up ur life cuz u are a perfectionist with major anxiety who procrastinates and spends way too much time on the internet clap ur hands

fluttervee asked:
hi! (if you're still doing the thing)

(you changed your url!!!)

Because the reason I live is you,
I’ve never gone lightly, I always stood there, scrunched up
This world of fallen tears, who does it belong to?
I gotta be honest, I think you know
I fling open the windows to reveal a choppy deep sky